Always Open to Getting You Closed


5 latishabmack

Michelle was very helpful with our relocation. I appreciate her promptness in response to my inquiry for my new home. She was great! I appreciate her taking the time to follow up as well to ensure we received response from the agency.

5 user0026324

We met Michelle stumbling upon a house one day, and every since then she has been and still is the best, fastest, nicest, most honest real estate agent we have ever met. She made sure we got the house we wanted for the price we wanted. She also did all of our footwork for us.

5 zuser20140531083858920

The best, very determined and helpful makes sure you are comfortable in any home and area. Looks with as if she was purchasing for herself. Very honest

1 ATLien404

I worked with Michelle about 2 years ago when I was considering selling my home. She was referred to me by a mutual friend and listed my home for sale. She also graciously took on the task of getting estimates on needed repairs but they were astronomical and well outside the market range. At the time I had no choice but to allow her to manage the repairs but I became leary about cutting checks for costs when asked to make them out directly to Michelle or in the name of her beauty shop account. I soon took it upon myself to consult other repairmen and decided to handle the management of repairs myself. I’m led to leave this review after finding that my home is shown on Zillow as having been ‘sold’ by Michelle, which is totally untrue. The listing was removed and the home was never sold or placed back on the market. It is now rental property and has been for several years.

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